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Botox in Liverpool

Botox and Fillers LiverpoolIf you live in Liverpool and are considering cosmetic skin rejuvenation options, then the Botox treatment administered by our Liverpool Laser Skin Clinic can give you unrivalled results, safe in the knowledge that the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism are consistently adhered to.

As a technique for skin rejuvenation, Botox has risen in prominence over the last few years due to its undoubted effectiveness and high profile celebrity endorsers. At the Laser Skin Clinic Liverpool, one of the country’s finest Botox and facial aesthetics practitioners and star of the Channel 4 'Bums, Boobs and Botox' documentary, Dr Steven Caldor administers Botox and other injectables in a sanitary and comfortable setting, using all of his artistic ability to achieve a smoother, more wrinkle free complexion.

The Botox treatment carried out at our Liverpool Laser Skin Clinic removes lines and creases in the upper part of the face by relaxing the facial muscles that create dynamic wrinkles caused by normal facial movements like smiling or frowning.

With the full results showing in about 1 week and lasting for between 3 and 6 months, the Laser Skin Clinic Liverpool Botox treatment creates the look you want whilst leaving no lasting side effects. The resulting reduction in the appearance of horizontal fine lines and folds create a more youthful and smoother complexion that will transform your appearance making you look years younger. So call us today to book an appointment or simply to discuss the Botox and filler treatment options open to you.

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