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Laser Hair Removal Liverpool

Laser Hair Removal Liverpool

Do you despair at having to shave your legs on a weekly basis? Do you suffer from razor burn, rashes, spots or discomfort associated with your current hair removal technique? If so then the Laser Hair Removal Service provided by our Liverpool Laser Skin Clinic could be the answer.

Both men and women employ all manner of hair removal techniques to achieve the smooth hairless look they want. These can range from the simple razor to depilatory creams, waxing, electrolysis and now the Laser Hair Removal offered at our Liverpool Laser Skin Clinic.

Shaving and waxing can often have mixed results, creating spots, inflammation or soreness, particularly when not carried out properly with correct the correct exfoliation and moisturisation. Both of these options also have a very short lived effect with hair beginning to return after a matter of days.

Electrolysis as an alternative depilatory treatment is similarly unattractive for many due to being a lengthier and more uncomfortable treatment procedure. For a longer term depilatory solution with minimal discomfort, convenience and cost, Laser Hair Removal from our Liverpool Laser Skin Clinic beats all other options hands down.

At The Laser Skin Clinic Liverpool, our Laser Hair Removal treatment works by focusing a laser beam on the base of the hair follicles; this causes the follicles to stop producing hair whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. In addition we use a cooler to minimise any discomfort.

As the laser targets Melanin-the dark pigment present in hair, hair removal using the laser at our Liverpool clinic is not suitable on fair or white hair. For professional advice or to book a consultation call today.

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