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Broken Crown/Veneer Advice

Dental veneers and crowns consist of a fine layer of porcelain or composite material that is applied over teeth to address a variety of aesthetic dental issues. Dental veneers and crowns are used to improve the appearance of crooked, broken, chipped, badly discoloured or worn teeth.

Dental veneers and crowns are an instant solution to improving the visual appearance of teeth. They appear like new and fully formed teeth, with a shape and structure designed to complement the patient's mouth, gums and teeth. The shape and colour can be matched to the patients to a high degree of accuracy.

Dental Veneers usually only partially cover a tooth whereas a Dental Crown will entirely cover a tooth, essentially acting as a cap.

The benefits of fitting Veneers or caps are not only visual, as the dental Veneer or Dental Crown can help prevent further damage in the longer term by covering the tooth with a protective layer.

When fitting veneers, a fine layer of tooth enamel is removed and fixing cement is applied and then cured using a special light.

During preparation for a crown, a larger amount of tooth is removed including healthy tissue and cement applied.

Over time both Veneers and crowns can break or fall off. When this occurs, it is important to seek dental advice as soon as possible to avoid the underlying tooth becoming damaged or decay taking hold.

If there is a high level of pain, swelling or inflammation then the services of an emergency dentist should be sought out to treat any underlying causes or complications.


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