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Chipped Tooth Advice

A chipped tooth is a very common occurrence, be it from falling in the playground, clash of heads during a football or Rugby game or indeed just biting down on an unexpected bone during your Sunday roast!

By having a good oral health regime and eating foods conducive to strong teeth, you may reduce the likelihood of chipping a tooth, however in reality, short of removing yourself from any potential risk and wrapping yourself in cotton wool, you can never effectively prevent it.

In general, a chipped tooth is not considered to be an emergency as the potential for complications is very limited. Some pain any emanate from the chipped tooth but it should not cause any serious problems. In the first Instance you should make an appointment with your dentist who will examine you to determine if any damage has been done to the root of the tooth and discuss any structural and cosmetic work needed.

If the structure of the tooth is okay then a Veneer may be the best option for you. A Veneer will cover the tooth, improve the appearance of your teeth and its precise colour can be matched to your own teeth.

If however the tooth is too badly damaged to hold a Veneer, then a Crown is a better option as it encapsulates the whole tooth, giving it much better structural integrity as well as the aesthetic benefits gained from a Veneer.

If you have suffered a chipped tooth and are having unexpected complications like swelling, excessive pain or fever then contact an Emergency dentist immediately to get your chipped tooth repaired.


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