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Missing Tooth Advice

Many people lose a tooth and this can occur for a variety of reasons, such as through an impact whilst participating in sport, or through some other trauma such as a bad fall.

As long as there is not excessive bleeding or other related injuries then you should not consider this an emergency, although you should still make an appointment with your dentist to get advice on potential treatments like a dental implant.

If you have lost a tooth in such an incident and have managed to keep hold of it, gently wrap the tooth and protect it from damage as your dentist may be able to replace it.

The more worrying scenario is when a tooth has been lost due to oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. If there are issues with infection or inflammation of your teeth or gums this issue needs to be addressed urgently to prevent any further tooth loss, or complications.

If tooth loss is accompanied by profuse bleeding, excessive pain, swelling or fever then the help of an emergency dentist should be sought immediately.

Other issues such as shrinking gums, due to age or smoking can also cause tooth loss. Whilst these issues are not classified as emergencies, not dealing with a missing tooth can have other effects on your dental health.

A missing tooth can affect your speech, lead to problems with eating, affect your self confidence and can result in a loss of bone density from the jaw and misaligned teeth.

Speak to your dentist regarding replacing your lost tooth and contact an Emergency Dentist about any more serious complications related to missing teeth.


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